David E. Lowes

DAVID LOWES has been interested and active in labour movement politics for more than twenty years. A member of the Conference of Socialist Economists and London Socialist Historians Group, his interest and involvement has turned to the latest phase of anti-capitalist struggle.

  • The Anti-Capitalist Dictionary

    Movements, Histories and Motivations

    By David E. Lowes     December 2005

    This dictionary is an alternative and a counter-balance to the many political dictionaries that ignore or marginalize the history and influence of anti-capitalist movements. It paints a rich picture of the ideas and issues that inform today’s anti-capitalist activity. Anti-capitalism has existed in many forms and with a variety of names since the advent of capitalism. But this kind of oppositional force has often been ignored, misrepresented or trivialized by many in the media and academia and by established political parties. It demonstrates how the meaning and relevance of some of these words and terms have changed over time and illustrates a linkage between past and present activity that might be unfamiliar to people involved or interested in the movements’ current manifestation.