David C. Perrier

Saint Mary’s University

David C. Perriers current research and teaching interests include: Criminology, the Canadian Criminal Justice System, the HIstorical and Professional Development of Policing, Police Accountability, the Recruitment, Selection and Hiring Practices of Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies, Regulatory Enforcement in the Fishing Industry and Gambling and its Social Impacts. His collaborative research on law enforcement and illegality in the Atlantic Canada fisheries industry and on law enforcement and Gambling with Dr. John McMullan remains a focus of his research. In addition, he is involved in the development and delivery of courses in Criminology for the Halifax Regional Police Recruit Training Program. The sixth edition of his legal text entitled From Crime to Punishment: An Introduction to the Criminal Law System was published in 2007.

  • Crimes, Laws and Communities

    By John McMullan, David C. Perrier, Stephen Smith and Peter D. Swan     January 1997

    In this book, McMullan and his colleagues have provided much needed information and analysis on “unconventional” crimes by researching fire for profit, illegal fishing and business crime in Atlantic Canada. The three essays fill an information gap left by scant media reports, conflicting government statistics and, in the case of crimes of capital, wilfully concealed information.