Darrell McLaughlin

St. Thomas More College

Darrell McLaughlin is an assistant professor of sociology at St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan. His publications include “Grounds for Change: Linking Experience with a Vision of Sustainable Agriculture” and “From Self-Reliance to Dependency to Struggle: Agri-business and the Politics of Potatoes in N.B.”

  • Our Board Our Business

    Why Farmers Support the Canadian Wheat Board

    Edited by Darrell McLaughlin and Terry Pugh     January 2007

    Our Board Our Business is based on presentations made to a symposium on the Canadian Wheat Board organized by the National Farmers union held in Regina, Saskatchewan, February 24 and 25, 2006. The central purpose of the book is to help farmers and non-farmers better understand the essential role of the CWB in the lives of western wheat producers and their communities, and the Canadian economy. The need for such an understanding has been made all the more urgent by Prime Minister Harper’s neo-liberal open market agenda which will guarantee corporate domination of Canadian grains. This book, like the symposium from which it is drawn, does not debate the advantages and disadvantages of the CWB. Rather, it sets out the context, operational mechanism, and role of the CWB, in order to make the case for its economic, social, and political value.