Darcy Rhyno

Darcy Rhyno’s first collection of short stories was ten years in the making. It all started when he won first prize in the Chronicle Herald Short Story Contest for the first story he ever wrote, “Ragged Islands Burning.” Other stories won other awards and made their way into magazines, anthologies and onto radio. Withe the help of friends who served as encouraging critics and a creation grant from the Nova Scotia Arts Council, he completed the collection. Darcy Rhyno lives near Lockeport where the joy and pain of life on Nova Scotia’s South Shore serves as an endless source of inspiration for his fiction.

  • Conductor of Waves


    By Darcy Rhyno     January 2002

    “Darcy Rhyno’s stories evoke the rich history of place in a way that makes you care about it and want to know more. More than this, he snaps the reader awake by laying bare the bones of a character’s life. It is this ability to see what’s out there, and offer it back to us, unflinchingly and compellingly, that drives Rhyno’s stories home.” Anne Simpson, author of Canterbury Beach

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