Daniel Lett

University of Victoria

Daniel Lett is a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria. His central research interests are surveillance, racism, moral panics and moral regulation.

  • Racism and Justice

    Critical Dialogue on the Politics of Identity, Inequality and Change

    Edited by Singh Bolaria, Sean P. Hier and Daniel Lett     March 2009

    The essays in this volume explore the prospect for post-raciality. It is common to find the prefix “post” treated as an epochal synonym for “after” or “beyond,” as somehow distinct from what came before. But the post as post-racial politics is better conceptualized in terms of a set of interrelated institutional and cultural changes that can neither be separated from historical relations nor which are reducible to the past. This volume presents a set of essays that collectively prioritize complexity over simplicity, progress over retrenchment, unity over diversity, and polemics over dogmatism. It seeks to inform discussion and debate about the prospect for a post-racial politics that is neither oblivious to the importance of racial classification nor the persistence of racism and injustice. The volume will leave readers better informed about race, racism and justice and with as many questions as answers.