Daniel Drache

York University; Massey College, University of Toronto

Daniel Drache is Director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and Professor of Political Science at York University. He has written widely on globalization and the limits of markets, trade blocs, employment, Harold Innis and economic integration. Presently he is heading up a major project on governance of the public domain after the triumph of markets. The Robarts Centre is engaged in a major interdisciplinary research project examining the incipient concept of the public domain in an era of globalization and exploring its multiple dimensions and overlapping components with respect to social exclusion, identity and the social bond in the hemisphere. His research interests include: the political economy of integration and social exclusion; borders and identity; North American integration; cultural discourse and public space; public goods theory and the theory of the public good; and the thought and influence of Harold Innis.

  • Borders Matter

    Homeland Security and the Search for North America

    By Daniel Drache     January 2004

    The great North American border has always been a blend of the porous and the “impermeable.” If the border, in all its aspects, is working well, then Canadian sovereignty will be effective and focused. When the fundamentals are neglected, sovereignty becomes threatened, and economic integration becomes the focus of debate.