Carolyn Brooks


Carolyn Brooks is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research and publications focus on youth resilience, the politics of punishment, violence, and visual and community based participatory research methods.

  • Marginality and Condemnation, 3rd Edition

    A Critical Introduction to Criminology

    Edited by Carolyn Brooks and Bernard Schissel     May 2015

    A newly updated version of this groundbreaking, critical introductory criminology textbook. Resources available with this edition include Power Point slides and a testbank.

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  • Marginality and Condemnation (Second Edition)

    An Introduction to Criminology, 2nd Edition

    Edited by Carolyn Brooks and Bernard Schissel     April 2008

    This second edition of Marginality and Condemnation continues the approach of the first edition: it sees crime as a socio-political process. What is defined as criminal, how we respond to “crime” and why individuals behave in anti-social ways are the consequences of and reproduce social inequalities. While this book argues that the marginalized in society are most likely to feel the full force of criminal (in)justice, it does address the full range of criminological analysis.

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