Bud Osborn

Poet Bud Osborn is a founding member of VANDU. He has been active for many years working on social justice issues that both strengthen and sustain the community in the DTES.

  • Raise Shit!

    Social Action Saving Lives

    By Susan C. Boyd, Donald MacPherson and Bud Osborn     August 2009

    This book tells a story about community activism in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) that culmi-nated in a social justice movement to open the first official safe injection site. This story is unique: it is told from the point of view of drug users – those most affected by drug policy, political decisions and policing. It provides a montage of poetry, photos, early Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) meetings, journal entries from the Back Alley, the “unofficial” safe injection site, and excerpts from significant health and media reports. The harms of prohibition, and resistance, hope, kindness, awakening and collective action are chronicled in these pages.

    raise shit

    we have become a community of prophets in the downtown eastside rebuking the system and speaking hope and possibility into situations of apparent impossibility

    to raise shit is to actively resist and we resist with our presence with our words with our love with our courage

    by Bud Osborn