Bette L. Cahill

Bette Cahill is an award winning journalist who has been a reporter/producer at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television for the past 26 years. She is the recipient of four major journalism awards for her work in television news and documentaries. In 1992, Bette was awarded Author of the Year by the Canadian Periodical Marketers Association for the original version of her book, Butterbox Babies. Bette resides in Halifax.

  • Butterbox Babies

    Baby Sales, Baby Deaths - New Revelations 15 Years Later

    By Bette L. Cahill     January 2006

    A young woman in Nova Scotia gives birth to a child out of wedlock. A childless couple in New Jersey desperately searches for a baby to adopt. These people never meet but their lives become forever linked through a tiny baby girl. Natalie, that baby, spent the first two years of her life in the Ideal Maternity Home on Canada’s rocky East Coast. Louis and Mabel Goldman of Newark adopted her in August 1945.