Barbara Roberts

Athabasca University

Barbara Roberts teaches women’s studies at Athabasca University. She researches women’s peace and social justice activism. She was a coordinator of the Peace Tent, Nairobi NGO Forum in 1985. She is a long-time activist in helping women’s groups make governments accountable for their UN Decade commitments.

  • Strategies for the Year 2000

    A Women’s Handbook

    By Barbara Roberts and Deborah Stienstra     January 1995

    How well has Canada measured up to its obligations under the two agreements it signed during the UN Decade of Women? The authors of this book detail the terms of the conventions (the Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Forward Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women by the Year 2000) and have painstakingly chronicled the progress the provincial, territorial, and federal governments have made towards fulfilling their legal obligations in areas such as women’s participation in decision-making, childcare, violence against women and so on. All levels of governments are found wanting. As an assessment of progress on women’s equality in Canada, it is fascinating reading and a thorough resource.