Wild Children  Domesticated Dreams
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781552665488
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  • Publication Date: Apr 2013
  • Rights: World
  • Pages: 130

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Wild Children Domesticated Dreams

Civilization and the Birth of Education

Layla AbdelRahim

“[This book] is a monument to our sense and original thinking.”  — John Taylor Gatto,  author of Weapons of Mass Instruction

“This book provides an extremely stimulating analysis of the divisions and debilities engineered upon kids. … Wild Children – Domesticated Dreams is a hugely important work!”   — John Zerzan, author of Running on Emptiness

An anthropological analysis of education, this book is the first to examine the root cause of contemporary pedagogical systems from a truly comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. This confluence of ethology and anthropology reveals that the very category “human” is a requirement of civilization contingent on domestication and submission to structural violence at the root of civilized pedagogical practices.


In the Beginning . . . • The Ontological Roots of Education — An Indispensable Introduction • Do Children Dream of Civilized Love? • On Objects, Love and Objectifications • On Modernism and Education: The Birth of Contemporary Domesticated Pedagogies • In the End and Towards a Feral Future • Bibliography • Index

About the Author

Layla AbdelRahim is an anthropologist, a writer, a researcher and a public speaker and holds a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Montreal, Quebec.